Faster & Cheap Transaction With KapowX

KapowX (KPX) has a new pair on the DOGEX exchange and is open for trading!

► KapowX is a solid currency and now faster than all the previous ones, fulfilling Bitcoin’s original promise as “Point-to-Point Electronic Money”. Users and merchants benefit from incredibly fast transactions, with fees of $ 0.001 per transaction and reliable confirmations. The future is bright with unrestricted growth, global adoption, innovation without permission and decentralized development.
All Bitcoin holders are welcome to the KapowX community as we move forward in creating a solid currency, faster than anything, at incredibly low rates and accessible to everyone.


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Hot Question! What Happened If Your Wallet Going Down??

There is some question from user what happened if wallet where you store your KapowX, BTC, ETH and other coin or token SHUT DOWN for any reason, how can you withdraw your funds and exchange them into dollars or bitcoin to other wallet?

Here comes the great part. You can sign your withdrawing transaction using this GitHub source What a great plus of decentralized thing and peace of mind!

2nd Airdrop

Greetings All!

We will start a new airdrop where it will involve kapowx listing on an external exchanger and this time it is made properly and more lucrative and in turn leads to the happening of the kapow erc20 token.

Distribution Of KapowX Airdrop Bot Participants Is Complete

Distribution of rewards to KapowX Airdrop Boat participants has been successful just now and a total of 25 participants have received the rewards.

The rest did not complete the address and some entered the address incorrectly. The decision is final we wish you success with us and look forward to the next event from us.

Here is the transaction –

Today News Update

There is some news today..

1) The airdropbot event has ended and we will confirm the participants for airdrop distribution and prizes within a day or two.

2) A total of 27 addresses that are in the ranking of top 100 holders and have started receiving 200 kapowx daily for 7 days. There are 73 more address vacancies and opportunities for you to receive daily rewards.

3) We use some of our profits to develop technology for the development of kapow projects and for resilience in the future. 

That’s all for today

Kapow Team.

Kapowx Top Holder Event

1 More Days For Next Top Holder Calculation!

Make sure you hold your kapowX token at decentralize wallet and be Top 100 holder!

You can buy KapowX directly at using waves,btc,usdn,eth or others.

Once we have more than 100 holders, we will increase reward to 300 kapowX per day!

And chance to get $10 USDN to random Top 100 Address

Do you want passive income everyday?

Do you want passive income everyday?

Just hold your kapowX token on waves wallet –

and be Top 100 holder and you will get 200 kapowX everyday sent to your wallet automatically.Calculation every thursday.

Currently there is only 26 top holder and you easily can become top 100 holder and get 200 kapowX reward every day. KapowX current price is $0.01 200x$0.01= $2 everyday.

Check current Top Ranking –

Where to buy/sell kapowX:

Hot* KapowX/Waves –

KapowX/USDN –

KapowX/BTC –

KapowX/ETH –

Join Group –

Airdrop 2000 Free kapowX Token –
End 27 Nov

KapowX Official Wallet

The only KapowX Token Official Wallet is at wallet
  1. Web Version –
How To Add KapowX To Wallet:
Click “+” sign in add assets wallet type and search for “kapowx”
      2.  Android App version –
How To Add KapowX To Wallet:
After download search “kapowX” in search bar and press ★ symbol to add favourite wallet

Reward Program Continue

Calculation For Next Top 100 KapowX Holder Reward Will Happened This Thursday.
Top 100 Ranked KapowX Holder In wallet Will Received 200 KapowX Everyday automatically For 7 Day Till Next Reward Calculation On Thursday.

KapowX Can Be Trade at –
KapowX/Waves Pair –
KapowX/USDN Pair –
KapowX/BTC Pair –
KapowX/ETH Pair –

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